Terms and Conditions

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Valid from 01 JUL 2018 until 31 JUL 2018

1. The "POSTPAID 1,2,3 EXTRA DATA" ("the Promotion") is available to all Bluesky Cook Islands postpaid customers ("the Customer")

2. The Promotion will run for approximately four (4) weeks starting from 01 July 2018 at 2pm through to 31 July 2018. ("the Promotion Period").

3. All Postpaid customers on Bluesky plans will receive an increment of extra data respective to which plan they are on to enjoy throughout the Promotion period. The following are the new data caps per plan for the month of July 2018.

  • Bluesky49 - 2GB  (usually 1GB)

  • Bluesky89 - 5GB  (usually 3GB)

  • Bluesky119-9GB  (usually 6GB)

4. The new data caps for July will be applied to all Bluesky Plans automatically at the start of the plan. 

5. Plans will be reverted to normal data caps on 01 August 2018. 

6. For information regarding excess charge rates and data add-ons, refer to Postpaid terms and conditions. 


500MB Add-on

This addon gives you an extra 500MB of DATA to use until the end of this month. Excess rate charges are applicable when exceeding either your CAP or Data Addon.