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Midnight Madness WiFi Promotion

1. The "MIDNIGHT MADNESS" ("the Promotion") is available to all Bluesky Cook Islands WiFi customers ("the Customer"). 

2. The Promotion will run for only a limited time, iterated in Bluesky text blast ("the Promotion period).

Once activated, the Promotion starts from 12 AM - 5:59 AM on dates provided. 

3. To enter the Promotion, the Customer must purchase the Midnight Madness WiFi voucher from any Bluesky outlet or reseller within the Promotion Period. This applies to all customers NATIONWIDE. Promotion is not available from myBluesky app. 

4. Upon purchase, the customer will be presented with a Bluezone WiFi voucher entailed with login details and the password to activate the session.

5. Upon activation, the customer has until the end of Promotion Period to use the total value of the Promotion. Any remaining usage cannot be used for further browsing and will expire after 5:59 AM. 

6. Customers are not limited to the number of purchases of the Promotion. 

7. Each purchase is a single use only and will expire at the end time of the Promotion Period. 

8. Vouchers can only be used at Bluezone WiFi hotspots. For a full list of our Bluesky Bluezone Hotspots see here.

500MB Add-on

This addon gives you an extra 500MB of DATA to use until the end of this month. Excess rate charges are applicable when exceeding either your CAP or Data Addon.