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Mobile back after core site fire
Mobile services have been fully restored in the Cook Islands after a fire gutted the Bluesky Cook Islands’ second core site in Aroa, Arorangi on October 27.
The site which housed mobile exchange equipment and O3B international connectivity equipment affected mobile network services in Rarotonga and Aitutaki. On Monday afternoon, Bluesky restored the postpaid numbers onto its network before restoring its prepaid subscribers. 

The billing of the telecommunication services did not start until the services were fully restored (both prepaid and postpaid).

Customers having issues with reattaching to the network can do so by restarting their device.

They can also go to flight mode, stay there for at least 10 seconds before reverting back to the normal mode to reconnect to the mobile network.

To access mobile data, customers have to ensure their APN is in Kotaa mode.

The destroyed facility which is valued “in millions” and the disruptions it caused to the mobile network in the two main islands was initially supposed to take “up to three weeks” to fix.

The fire completely destroyed the mobile network core exchange, as well as primary satellite station equipment and power supply systems housed at the Aroa site. All the fixed-line telephone and broadband internet services in the northern areas of Rarotonga connected to the main Bluesky station in the Avarua town office remained uninterrupted. Bluesky staff worked on connecting the other telecommunication lines around the island.

A day later, Bluesky Cook Islands mobile cell sites were cut over to the Bluesky Samoa mobile core exchange via O3b Satellite links.
This provided mobile voice and texting services within Rarotonga and Aitutaki with no local usage charges to its customers.

The Bluesky WIFI Hotspot Services were also activated throughout the country to provide optional internet access relief during the absence of mobile data services.

Last month, Bluesky decided its burned-out core site building in Aroa will not be demolished but will be fully refitted ready for the installation of new mobile core equipment, O3B Satellite System gear and other network equipment and infrastructure.
Production of key mobile core equipment by vendor Huawei in China started in early November.

Bluesky Cook Islands country manager Phillip Henderson in an interview last month said production, prestaging, testing and shipment of equipment would take around four weeks.

He then said the company hoped to install and activate the new mobile core network in the third week of December.
Despite Bluesky’s “best efforts” in fully restoring the mobile network services, the company has copped flak from the customers for the irregular update on their progress.



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