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WiFi Hotspots
Bluesky WiFi Hotspots are located throughout Rarotonga and Aitutaki at a variety of places such as our Airport, Cafes, Resorts, Bars and Shops.

To use a Bluesky WiFi Hotspot you need a wireless internet capable device and either a Prepaid WiFi voucher or a credit card. Prepaid WiFi vouchers can be purchased from any one of our e-Service Resellers - just look for our logo >>>

If you are a Bluesky Internet customer, you can login to a Bluesky WiFi Hotspot using a wireless internet capable device and your Oyster login details. Enter your and your oyster password.

Below is a map of all the locations around Rarotonga that you can access a Bluesky WiFi Hotspot.

Click here to see a map of e-Service Resellers.Getting online when and where you want too is easy with WiFi. Stay in touch even when you’re out and about!
WiFi Pricing Effective 1st December 2013
Data Price Best for
150MB $10 Checking emails and light internet use
500MB $25 Frequent internet users (posting pics on Facebook etc)
1.25GB $50 Heavy internet users (uploading short video clips, watching short YouTube clips etc)

Click here to take a look at our User Manual

Contact Us

If you still have problems connecting to our Bluesky Prepaid WiFi service, please call our Internet Team on 128 between the hours of 8am – 4:30pm weekdays for further assistance.

Enjoy using our Bluesky Prepaid WiFi Internet service!
Bluesky WiFi Hotspot Locations
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