Bluesky Cook Islands
The Traveller
Call Anywhere, See Anything, Text Anyone

The Traveller is the convenient way of keeping in touch while you’re in the Cook Islands. Loaded with calling minutes, text messages and data, it is the best deal for travellers. This card provides over $100 of value and is priced at only $49. The SIM card is valid for 30 days only.

Bluesky will keep you in touch.

Loaded on your SIM

  • 20 minutes CALLING including INTERNATIONAL CALLS
  • 100 MB DATA
  • 100 TEXTS

Used up what’s loaded?

Just TOP UP at any Bluesky Outlet or Reseller to keep going.

The rates for the Traveller SIM after pre-loaded calling, data and texts have been used are as follows;

  • 99cents per MINUTE - CALL ANYWHERE
  • 50cents per MB DATA - SEE ANYTHING
  • 20cents per TEXT - TEXT ANYONE

Want to check your balances?

Txt BAL to 901

Click here to view The Traveller Terms and Conditions


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