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Mobile - Prepaid
Why choose Prepay?

Prepaid mobile makes budgeting easy. With no monthly fees, you pay for what you use, each time you use it.

SIM Card $25 - includes $20 credit
Monthly access charge NIL
Peak rate 38 cents per minute - Click here to see how your calls are charged
Off-Peak rate 38 cents per minute
Text message 20 cents per text message to anywhere in the world for the first 50 text messages then next 450 are bonus texts messages. See important tips to know below for more detail.
Data casual rate (pay as you go) 20 cents per megabyte
DATA TIP When not using data, switch it off  so background applications and updates don't consume your credit.
  For GREAT value, purchase and subscribe to one of our data packs.
Value Data packs  
CODE:24HR$3           (100mb) $3 - expires 24hr
CODE:3DAY$5           (200mb) $5 - expires 3 days
CODE: 7DAY$10        (450mb) $10 - expires 7 days
CODE: 10DAY$30    (1500mb) $30 - expires 10 days
CODE: 14DAY$50    (3000mb) $50 - expires 14 days
  All prices or rates shown above are in NZ$ dollars and include VAT.
How to subscribe? Simply dial *888# and follow menu options to Buy Bundles

Important tips to know!
  • $10 txt - purchase as you go 50 txt messages and get 450 bonus txts. This is over a calender month, to get the most out of your $10 txt top up at the start of the month. Remaining bonus txts will expire on the last day of the month.
  • Your number will expire 6 months from your last top up date. Top up from as low as $1, this will extend your expiry date 6 months from date of purchased topup. Note:  transferring credit from one prepaid number to another prepaid number does not extend the expiry date of your sim. Only purchased topups will extend expiry dates.
  • There is no charge for Voicemail retrieval 
Peak Times:

7am – 6pm Monday to Friday

Off Peak Times:

6pm – 7am weekdays and all day Saturday, Sunday and National Statutory holidays.
There are no peak and off peak times for text messaging.

Getting credit or TOP UP:

e-Charge means we can electronically transfer credit to your phone for each of our services. It also allows you to purchase smaller mobile top up amounts, as low as $1, and varied amounts, such as $7.50, for your convenience.

If you're looking to top up your mobile phone, access WiFi, or call overseas, you can now do this at any of our resellers:

Click here for a full list of e-Charge resellers
Interested in being a participating e-Charge Reseller?

If you're located in the Cook Islands and would like to be a reseller of e-Service, call us FREE on 123 for more detail or contact us.

Still want to know more?

If you want more information about mobile, or have any questions about the services mentioned please feel free to call 123 or contact us.


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