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LANDLINE - Need a new phone line?

Come in and see one of our Customer Service team to fill in an application form.

Processing these forms can usually be done on the spot. Once completed, our Customer Service team will ask when installation will suit you. A Bluesky technician will call you to confirm your installation time.

The following installation fees apply:
  • $80 for New Connection
  • $50 for Existing Point
*All prices are in NZD and subject to price changes
Smart Services

Bluesky's Smart Services are designed to make it easier and more convenient for your home and business life. The following services are available to Rarotonga and Outer Islands customers except Nassau, Suwarrow and Palmerston Island.

Call Back

When a dialled number is busy, activate Call Back and the system will automatically ring you and the
second party when both phones are free.

To Activate:

• Press ‘hook-switch’, wait for dial tone, dial 986
• Listen to Voice Announcement “System will check for 30 minutes and will notify you when line is free”
• Hang up
• Your phone will ring and once answered, you will hear the ring tone calling the second party

To Cancel:
• Dial 987
• Wait for 3 short beeps and hang up

Note: If both phones are not free within the specified time, Call Back is automatically cancelled. You may continue to make outgoing calls while Call Back is activated.

Set up fee: $25 Monthly Rental: $1.65


Call Care

Call Care is the message service solution for the home and small office able to mind your calls when you are not available. It is the hassle free option to answer machines that allows you to access your messages from any touch tone phone either locally, nationally or internationally.

Call 123 for more information.

Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental: $6.00


Call Diversion

With Call Diversion you never have to miss a call when you are away from home or office. Divert your calls to your office, home, mobile, or overseas.

Note: Call charges will apply for each call diverted.

To Activate:
• Lift handset, dial 961 followed by the diversion number e.g. 961 21123 if dirverting to a landline,
or 961 55123 if diverting to a mobile
or 961 0064 9 3767279 if diverting to an overseas number

Note: Diversion to a mobile or overseas number will only work if this is allowed from your local
• The diverted number will be called after 1 second. This is a good test to check that the diversion has
been programmed correctly
• If the diversion is not answered, you must hang up and redial the diversion again e.g. 961 21123
• Wait for the confirmation tone (3 short 1 long beep), then hang up

Note: You may continue to make outgoing calls while Call Diversion is activated.
To Cancel:
• Lift handset, dial 960, wait for the confirmation tone (3 short 1 long beep), then hang up

    Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental: $1.65

Call Waiting

Call Waiting alerts you to an incoming call while talking to another party.
• Three short quick beeps signal that another call is waiting
• You can finish your call and hang up, or press the ‘hook-switch’ briefly on your phone
• This puts the first caller ‘on-hold’ and connects you to the second caller
• The caller ‘on-hold’ will hear a holding tone
• Press the ‘hook-switch’ briefly again and return to your first caller
• If you ignore the second call, your phone will ring as soon as you hang up your first call alerting you
that your second call is still waiting

Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental: $1.65 


Caller Forward

Call Forward is useful when you have a landline number but no physical connection. Your calls can be
forwarded to another landline, mobile or overseas number. Similar to Call Diversion except Bluesky will
programme the diversion for you.

Note: Call charges will apply for each call forwarded.
Set up fee: $50.00 Monthly Rental: Residential $9.95
Business $19.95


Call Safe

Call Safe ensures you never have to worry about other people using your phone to make mobile, national or international calls. Handy when you have a large household, visitors or a business with these services available.

To Activate:
• Lift the handset, dial 9881 followed by your 4-digit PIN e.g. 9881 3563
• Wait for the confirmation tone (3 short 1 long beep), then hang up
• Make your call to a mobile, national or international number depending on services allowed
• Hang up when call is completed

To Cancel:
• Lift the handset, dial 9880 followed by your 4-digit PIN e.g. 9880 3563
• Wait for the confirmation tone (3 short 1 long beep), then hang up

Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental: Free service


Recall can save you the hassle of wondering whether you missed an important call as it will trace back the
last local number that called. This means you do not have to run to answer that call before it stops ringing.
If the call is from a cellular, national or international number, you will receive a series of intermittent beeps
(disconnected tone) and the call will not be connected.

To Activate:
• Lift the handset
• Dial 9888# and listen to the Voice Announcement detailing the last number called, date and time
• Dial 1 if you wish to proceed with the Recall
• The System will ring the last number called

Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental: $3.50

Wake-Up Call

With Wake-Up Call, you never have to be late for an important meeting, appointment or travel arrangement
again. Wake-Up call lets you programme your phone to ring at a specific time. Your phone will ring five
times every few minutes until you answer the call.

To Activate:
• Lift the handset, dial 984 followed by the time (24 hour clock) that you wish to be called e.g. 984 1630
• Time is set for your Wake-Up call at 16:30 or 4.30 pm
• Wait for the confirmation tone (3 short 1 long beep), then hang up

To Cancel:
• Lift the handset, dial 985, wait for the confirmation tone, and hang up

Note: You are required to ‘activate’ this service each time a Wake-Up call is required and only one call
can be programmed at a time.

Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental: $1.65


Three-Way Calls

Ideal for family get-togethers or business meetings, a Three-Way Call lets people from three different
locations share the same phone call. The person bringing the other two calls on line must have the Three-
Way Call service on their phone.

To Activate:
• Dial the number of the second party as you would when making a normal call
• When the call is answered, press the ‘hook-switch’ briefly and listen for the interrupted call tone
• Dial the number of the third party
• Press the ‘hook-switch’ briefly again to connect all three calls

Note: You are responsible for call charges incurred for both calls including cellular, national and

Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental: $3.50


Do Not Disturb

Lets you divert all incoming calls to a Bluesky recorded message for the length of time that you specify.

Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental $1.65

Available to Rarotonga & Outer Island customers


Call ID

Caller ID shows you the phone number of the person calling. Your phone or equipment must have a display.
Set up fee: $25.00 Monthly Rental: $3.50



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