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What is Broadband?
What are the advantages of Broadband?
Are there any special modem requirements?
How do Broadband charges work?  
Are there any other setup costs?  
How do I know which is the best plan for me?
Can anyone with a phone line get Broadband?
What do I need to do to get Broadband?
How do I change my Broadband plan?
Is there Service Support in case I have more questions?
Broadband Usage Statement
What is Broadband?
Broadband is a high speed Internet connection that uses your existing telephone line and allows you to send and receive emails, surf the Internet and download files much quicker than standard dial-up. Broadband typically utilises xDSL (Digital Scriber Line) technology to deliver a fast, high quality internet connection. In the Cook Islands, the modern ADSL2 is typically used.
What are the advantages of Broadband?

1.     Faster Internet Speeds reduces waiting time
2.     Permanent connection which means no more dialing up or local call charges
3.     Surf the internet and use your phone line at the same time
4.     Cheaper to use
Are there any special modem requirements?
Yes.  To use Broadband, customers are required to purchase a Tele-permitted ADSL2 modem – you cannot use a dial-up modem. An ADSL2 modem creates the high speed connection between your computer and the Internet over your standard telephone line. Customers may choose to purchase a Bluesky supplied ADSL2 modem or may purchase their own modem.
How do Broadband charges work?  
Broadband is based on volume rather than the length of time that you are connected. Volume is generally measured in Megabytes (MB) and refers to any form of data that is either sent or received on your connection. This includes the downloading of web pages, sending and receiving email.  Depending on the plan you choose you will be given a monthly data allowance. Put simply, every time you use the Internet to send an email or visit a webpage you are using data. So, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your data usage if you want to keep using the Internet at broadband speeds for the whole month.
You can check your data usage by clicking on the “Check Usage” tab either in your internet drop down box or on the home page in the “My Account” section. Once you exceed your data allowance, any additional volume will be charged at excess usage rates ranging from 4.5 cents per Megabyte to 8.5 cents per Megabyte depending on the plan you are on.
Are there any other setup costs?  
Yes, applications for Broadband Plans will incur a one-off installation charge.  Customers are welcome to provide their own ADSL2 modem and source their own experts to connect up their own end of the equipment.
How do I know which is the best plan for me?
The plan that is most suitable for you will depend on your level of data usage.
If you only use the Internet for emailing and general web browsing, a plan with a low monthly fee and a small data allowance will be best.
If you are a heavier user it may be more beneficial to sign up on a higher priced plan which allows for higher data usage at a faster speed.
Can anyone with a phone line get Broadband?
Normally yes, however there may be limitations and we cannot guarantee that Broadband is available on your phone line or what your connection speed will be. What we will do is once you are connected we test your line. At this point, if there are any issues with your connection speed, we will be in contact to discuss your options.
What do I need to do to get Broadband?

1.     You must have a Bluesky phone line
2.     Call 123 and enquire whether Broadband is available on your phone line
3.     Choose the best plan to suit your needs
4.     Decide which set-up option you need – either you install broadband yourself or one of our technicians can install it for you
5.     Fill out an application form from Customer Services to sign up for Broadband
6.     Purchase an ADSL2 modem and filters or ask Bluesky to install a modem for you
7.     Once your account is activated all you have to do is go surfing and enjoy the benefits of faster Internet
How do I change my Broadband plan?
If you are already on Broadband and would like to change your current plan, fil in our online form by clicking here, or you can come in and see us at our main office in Parekura or visit any of our offices in the Outer Islands during normal business hours. A Customer Services representative will then be in contact to confirm your request.
Is there Service Support in case I have more questions?
Yes. Bluesky’s Customer Service staff are fully informed about the Broadband service. For the more complex problems, you will be directed to the Internet Support team who will help with your query.  The Broadband Service is available 24 hours*, however technical support is only available during working hours 8.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excl. Public or Statutory Holidays) on phone number 128.  Any request outside of the working hours will be dealt with once technical staff are available.
*Unless system is under-going maintenance
Broadband Usage Statement
The Broadband Usage Statement keeps track of how much volume you have used making it a useful tool to better manage your Broadband connection each month.
The information in the statement is provided as a guide to your Internet Broadband Account usage. It should not be relied upon as a substitute for the charges that appear on your monthly Bluesky Telecom Account Statement.

Click Here to Open the BroadBand Usage Statement
Please take note of the following:

·     This statement does not take into account the effect of any specials or other promotional discounts.


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