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There are 7 internet broadband plans to choose from for all customers in the Cook Islands.
Postpaid Broadband Plans & Pricing Effective 1st October 2015    
Plans Price Data Excess No Excess Option Speed (upload to)
Intro $25 2GB N/A No Excess Only 2mb/s
Standard $49 6GB 4 cents/MB Yes 2mb/s
Value $89 12GB 3 cents/MB Yes 4mb/s
Plus $139 20GB 2.5 cents/MB Yes 4mb/s
Extra $199 30GB 2 cents/MB Yes 8mb/s
Super $299 45GB 2 cents/MB Yes 8mb/s
Mega $699 100GB 1.5 cents/MB Yes 12mb/s

Our staff can help you choose the plan that meets your needs the best. 

We now have NO EXCESS Internet plans. Giving you more choice and control of your internet account.

What does No Excess mean?

No Excess means when you have reached your usage cap, your internet speed will slow down to 64kb/s (lower than dial up speed) and No Excess charges will be applied.  If you notice your speeds have dropped and the internet is very slow,  best to check your usage on the Customer Portal to see if you have reached your cap. On the INTRO plan - you will not be able to go into excess as this plan is only available as a No Excess Plan.

Will No Excess be good for you?

It really depends on what kind of user you are. This is perfect for those who are low-end broadband users and budget conscious as it gives guaranteed price certainty.

How do I get onto a No Excess plan?

Come in and visit the team who can assist in choosing the right plan for you.  
Or contact us via email: to change your broadband plan.

Can I still upgrade my account during the month?

Yes you can still upgrade your broadband plan up to the 20th of each month. With No Excess plans you are only able to upgrade to another No Excess plan during the month.   You will be charged for the difference in rate plan that you are upgrading to.   If you wish to move to a normal Excess plan,  you can only do this effective for the start of the new month.
The same condition applies to Excess plans, you can only change up to another Excess plan.  If you wish to move to a No Excess plan,  you can only do this effective for the start of the new month.

Contact us for an application form.

You can also change your plan to suit your usage. If you are heading away for a while or the family are coming to stay you can either downgrade or upgrade your plan. Special conditions apply.

To upgrade your plan for a future month you need to contact us before the 1st of that month.  There is no minimum upgrade period for changes requested for a future period.
To upgrade your current plan mid-month you need to contact us before the 20th of the month and the upgrade will apply to at least both the current month and the following month (i.e. a minimum of two months).  Upgrades requested after the 20th of the month will take effect from the 1st of the following month.
To downgrade your plan you need to contact us before the 1st of each month and the downgrade will take effect from the 1st of the following month.
Mid-month downgrades are not available. 

If you would like to change your existing plan click here.

Prepaid Broadband Plans & Pricing Effective 1st Dec 2013    
  Price Data    
$7.50 p/month
No Bond
No Excess
Pay As You Go
$10 150MB    
$25 500MB    
$50 1.25GB    

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