Bluesky Cook Islands
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Bluesky e-Service provides you with the license to market and distribute three service products:
  • Top Up
  • WiFi
  • Calling
Our current resellers are:
  • CITC Foodland
  • CITC Supermarket
  • Vonnias Main Store
  • Vonnias Warehouse
  • Whale Centre
  • Papa Dans Store
  • Triad Panama Store
  • Super Brown
  • Kia Orana Store
  • Muri Mart (Six Eleven)
  • Papa Dan's Store
  • Pearls & Perfumes
  • Trivelko Bowser
    (Muri Outlet)
  • Akapuao Store
  • Countryside Store
  • Kano Store
  • Moana Sands
  • Friendly Mart
  • Manea Foods (Arorangi)
  • Pearls & Perfumes
  • Rite Price
  • Seanco (Kavera Store)
  • The Bottle Shop
  • Vonnias Arorangi
  • Tepuka Store
  • The Corner Store
  • CITC Oasis
  • The Bottle Shop
  • Runway Store

WiFi Hotspot

If you would like to have a WiFi Hotspot, please call us on 29680 or contact us here.


Other services

We also offer a range of other services such as VHF/UHF radio and Co-Location services. Our team is committed to finding the right solutions for your business.

Contact us

If you're located in the Cook Islands and would like to know more about these services, call our Business Solutions Team on 29680 or contact us here.
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